Meet Lucy: A Project Pittie

This is the story of Lucy, rescued by two amazing dog-moms, Heather and Angel.

Lucy enjoying the sun but has a  dirty wrist
Lucy on brown bed not sure of color scheme








Our PBT Lucy is a rescue that was transported up to New England from West Tennessee.  We have two Bichons and two cats and thought a larger dog would be a great addition to our family.  We brought our Bichons to meet Lucy in foster care and everyone seemed to get along so the next day Lucy came to her new forever home.  After a few weeks, as Lucy became more comfortable new colors of her personality reared.  She had guarding issues with our Bichon Eva who also has guarding issues, she is reactive, fearful of just about everything, and she also knew NO boundaries.  Lucy would hurdle what ever wasin her way such as coffee tables and ottomans to bound up onto the couch and into our laps.  This behavior was more tolerable when it was our 20 lb Bichons but a 50 lb Pit Bull was an entirely different story!  Our Veterinarian highly recommended Elise Gouge to us.  We contacted Elise and she replied very quickly and set up a consult to come to our home.

Lucy has a new elk antler


Elise was very honest with her recommendations and after contemplating what would be right for Lucy and our family we sent Lucy to Board and Train at Elise’s for two weeks followed by an intensive 5 week at home training and training walks with Laura.  While Lucy was in Board and Train Elise posted pictures and emailed updates every day! We looked forward to hearing about Lucy’s progress and we were so thankful for the time she and her staff had taken to update us and post pictures on the FB website.

The day we brought Lucy home from Board and Train she was already a different dog.  Much more calm than before we dropped her off and no more bounding up onto the couch into our laps.  Lucy is still a work in progress but she has come so far since we have started working with PBC.  We are so thankful for all of the help we have had from the group and certainly could not have made the progress that we have without them.

 Lucys first day home

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