Pasture & Training Room Rental

Come play or train your dog here at Ferry Hill Farm! Take advantage of 18 acres of fields, all fenced in, or our 4500 square foot training room.

Field Rental is on hold for now because we are grazing sheep and cattle. Please check back soon!

$10 for 30-min / $20 for 60-min

The fields are not currently available since we are growing the grass for hay and also grazing livestock.

The acreage is split into six fenced fields, varying in size. Fences are 4 foot farm fencing. When you rent a pasture, you will have it completely to yourself. Want to come with a friend? That’s fine too! No more than three dogs at a time, please.

Dogs must be in leash going from the car to the field, must be under voice control if off leash in fields, and not aggressive towards humans. Please keep ID on your dog in case he jumps the fence or somehow gets out. Water and shade are available but please bring your own toys.

You can rent the field for 30 or 60 minutes either as a one time rental or a discounted monthly subscription. Please contact us if interested.


The training room is a large barn space, approximately 4500 square feet. It’s spray-foam insulated, so there is some protection from the elements but still dress accordingly. Some obedience and agility equipment is available for use but we recommend you bring what you need.

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