Creating harmony between you and your pets.

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Are you struggling with problems with your dog or cat that you just don’t know how to handle? Whatever your needs, we can help! Elise Gouge, the only certified behavior consultant for cats and dogs in the Pioneer Valley, and her team of trainers work in CT, Western Mass, Hampden and Hampshire counties to provide pet owners with the highest level of skilled dog training and behavior modification. We’ll help you understand what’s going on and, even better, give you a concrete plan for reaching your goals (and work with you to get there). Let our positively effective experts start making your life easier and more harmonious today!

Puppy Training

Have a new puppy? We have a program to help you get started on the right foot (or paw!). Group classes, Right Start Puppy (private lessons), and Puppy Boarding School (board and train).

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Private Training

Does your dog need to learn some basic manners such as walking nicely on leash, not jumping on visitors, and coming when called? We offer custom, private on-line training from the comfort of your home.

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Behavior Consults

Are you struggling with behavior issues and problems with your dog or cat that you just don’t know how to handle? A behavior consultation is exactly what you need to restore harmony to your home.

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Boarding / Board & Train

Whether you’re away or on a staycation, or are simply too busy to train your dog, gift your pet with a fun training camp – and when you return, you’ll be pleased to see how well-mannered your dog has become.

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Group Classes & Seminars

Group classes & seminars are a fun and affordable option for training your dog. Get help with common behavior problems and teach your dog great manners.

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Pet Professionals

We offer hands-on help and consulting for doggy daycares, veterinary hospitals and other pet professionals. Train your staff to be the best they can be for your clients!

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Dock Diving

Have you always been interested to see if your dog can swim? Are you a seasoned pro looking for a practice space? We’ve got your covered! Our brand new pool and dock is built to competition specifications – dock is 40 feet long and pool 21’x41′ and 48″ deep.

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Pasture & Training Room Rental

Come play or train your dog here at Ferry Hill Farm! Take advantage of 18 acres of fields, all fenced in, or our 4500 square foot training room.

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Virtual Services

We offer online behavior consultations, private lessons, and more. What could be more convenient than training from the comfort of your living room?

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