Puppy Training

Puppy Class is held on Saturdays at 1:00 pm.

Does your puppy need some buddies?

Bring them to PBC’s Puppy Playgroup! This weekly hour long meet-up is not a traditional puppy class, but a place where your puppy can play and hang out with other puppies. The playgroup is supervised by one of our senior trainers, Sam Mimitz, so puppies are only practicing safe and appropriate play—no bullying allowed! This is a great chance for them to practice those essential dog-dog social skills while they are still young.

Do you have puppy questions?

Bring them to Puppy Playgroup too! Hang out with other puppy owners and enjoy the opportunity to ask your trainers about housetraining, what to do about those sharp little teeth, crate training--all the little questions that pile up.

Want to work on a solid foundation for your puppy?

This is not a puppy class—but that doesn’t mean your puppy won’t be learning! An hour is way too long for puppies to be running around wrestling, so the play will be broken up with short sessions practicing essential skills like being held for nail trims, learning that crucial “off switch” so they can relax, or teaching your puppy to check in with you around distractions (like other puppies!).

Enjoy socialization and enrichment opportunities!

Puppies will be provided with a variety of toys and games to explore and encounter, with age-appropriate obstacles to conquer. Depending on availability, specially selected guests may be present to help expose your puppy to a wide range of people.

Playgroup meets on Saturdays at 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm, and is run by Sam.  It includes handling exercises, playtime, and more!  Our playgroup is run on a drop-in basis--you register for as many sessions as you and your puppy need!

Please note: before attending your first session, you must provide vet records, including distemper, parvo, a clean fecal report and bordetella and complete our class questionnaire and contract. This playgroup is for puppies age 8-20 weeks.

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$2100 for the initial two weeks

Our Puppy Boarding School is a board and train program designed to help get puppies off to a great start. Have a puppy but no time to deal with mouthing and crate training? Let us do the training for you, so your puppy can grow up to be a wonderful companion.

Our trainers address all the typical puppy problems, such as:

  • housetraining
  • nipping and mouthing

We begin training useful foundation behaviors, such as:

  • Polite leash walking
  • leave it
  • and plenty of socialization opportunities!

How it works

The program is for puppies 7 weeks through 6 months of age. All pups must have had a recent clean fecal exam and be current with puppy vaccinations series, including bordetella.

Your puppy stays at the PBC farm and receives focused personal attention to set up a good behavioral foundation.

We ask that your puppy's stay is at least 2 weeks in order to see effective change. If you'd like, you can choose to bring your puppy back home 1 to 2 nights per week so that you can continue to bond.

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Scheduling for Puppy Boarding School is very limited. Please contact us today to get started.

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Starting at $190 for a consultation

Puppies are adorably cute! They are also very quick learners – and you want your puppy to learn GOOD habits! Designed for puppies between 7 and 16 weeks of age, the Right Start Puppy Training in-home consultation helps you set the foundation your puppy needs to become a wonderful dog companion.

In your Right Start Puppy Training consultation you’ll learn:

  • How to prevent common puppy problems before they begin.
  • Effective house-training techniques
  • About digging and chewing behaviors, a must-have knowledge for when your puppy begins developing his adult teeth. (And to save your shoes!)
  • Useful tips ranging from what type of leash and collar your puppy needs, to how to take enjoyable walks, and so much more!

Your consultation – How it works

Right Start Puppy Training consultations are private two-hour lessons conducted here is Granby (unless you work out a different plan with your trainer).

You can schedule with any of our trainers depending on availability.


  • Elise Gouge, owner of PBC: $295 at PBC
  • Kaylyn Swenson, CDPT; $190 ONLINE

At the end of your consultation, your trainer will make recommendations for which service is right for you, your puppy, and your goals.

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