Dock Diving

Pet Behavior Consulting offers a wide array of options for people interested in dock diving or swimming with their pets.

Are you a seasoned pro looking for a practice site? Our SuperSplash 21×41 pool is here for you! Built to competition specs, with a 40 foot dock, non skid surfaces, and safety railings, it’s a great place to practice! Note: We will NOT be accommodating EV practice.

Do you have a a dog that you would like to swim…or are wondering if he/she CAN swim? We can assess your dog’s swimming ability, and do swim lessons to help him/her learn.

We also offer group classes to teach you and your dog how to dock dive so you can do it for fun or prepare for competition.

We will not be hosting competitions here and are not affiliated with any dock diving parent organizations, although we are familiar with the rules and parameters of each.

All of our staff are certified in Canine CPR and First Aid to help keep things safe.


  • In order to rent our pool, you need to do a private lesson first with us to go over the ins and outs of pool rental, as well as to make sure your dog can swim. We do not offer one-time rentals, we only offer summer subscriptions.
  • All renters must sign a waiver (including anyone coming with you).
  • Any violation of our rules will result in immediate and permanent expulsion.
  • All dogs are expected to be up to date on vaccinations, clean, and have trimmed nails.


  • Initial, one-time swim assessment with staff is $45 (per dog)
  • Pool rental for 1-2 dogs is $35/30 min or $70/60 min
  • Private lessons are $80/hour and $50 for a 1/2 hour with a certified instructor

Ready to get started? Book your assessment now by clicking here! (This link is only live during swim season). During the winter or cold months, please email our Training Department to get information.

About our pool

We have a SuperSplash Pool that is 41 feet long and 21 feet wide. There is a 40 foot dock that rests 24 inches over the water line. This is our “competition” pool. There is an entrance ramp and an exit ramp for this dock.

We do allow both dog swimming and dog dock diving in our pools. We are a canine training facility, we only allow humans in the pool for the assistance of their dog’s training. No human jumping / diving allowed. There is no human recreational swimming allowed. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the pools at any time. Children must have direct adult supervision AT ALL TIMES and wear a life jacket when in the pool yard. Children are not allowed on the docks without parental supervision.

Before you and your dog may use the pool, please check in with staff by texting 413-437-0275. All sessions must be pre-paid online. You will be asked to sign a waiver that relieves PBC of any liability for injury to you or your dog.  All dogs are expected to be up to date on vaccinations, clean, and have trimmed nails. For vaccines we require every dog to be up to date on rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella.  Do not bring your dog if he/ she is not feeling well or if your bitch is in season.

All dogs must be on leash unless they are on the dock. We have a fenced field adjacent to the pools that off lead running is allowed.  Do NOT allow your dog to eliminate on any man-made structures, this includes the dock, the pools, the fences, the buildings, etc..  Please pick up after your dog. If your dog accidentally vomits or eliminates on the dock, please use a bucket to rinse the dock.

Dock diving and swimming is a strenuous sport. It is wise to make sure your dog is healthy and fit enough to participate. Many dogs are afraid of clear water. Never force your dog into the water. No tossing or pushing is allowed.  Likewise our dock and pools can present a challenge for the mobility challenged human being. If you have mobility disabilities, please bring your own attendant to assist you with your dog.

Bring your dog’s favorite FLOATING toy. If your dog finds a toy on the property, Please do not let them take it home. Be prepared to get wet! Do not allow your keys, phones or cameras to get wet!! ALWAYS introduce your dog to the exit ramp. Do not allow your dog to exit the pool over the sides. Life jackets are not provided.

Safety for dogs and humans alike is great importance to us. Multiple dogs are allowed on the dock at the same time only if they are familiar to each and all owners agree. Be aware that there is a higher risk of injury with multiple happy dogs in a small environment.

Pool hours are limited to our own availability. For insurance reasons, we must be present on the property. Please respect that this is also a home and we are in a residential neighborhood.

Are there Dock Diving classes available?

Yes! Please visit our Group Class listings to see what’s available.

How do I schedule a private dock diving lesson?

You can request a private lesson by clicking here.

Why aren’t people allowed in the pools?

There is no lifeguard nor are the pools monitored for human safety. Our pool is cleaner than our local waterways, but we do not specifically treat them for human use.  (And they are usually VERY hairy!)

How do I get started in dock diving? How do I know if my dog will jump?

First start with a strong swimmer. Many dogs are afraid of clear water (it looks like there is no bottom).  But generally it is the drive to get the toy you bring that gets your dog to jump. A great toy chase is a definite asset.

Do you teach dogs to swim?

Yes, swimming lessons are also available. Please be aware if your dog shows a fear of the water and we can not work him or her through it, we will not force your dog in the water.

Can I cancel my reservation?

If you need to cancel or change your time, you must do do at least 24 hours before your scheduled time or the fee is forfeited.

What if it rains on my reservation?

Weather cancelations will always be credited so you can rebook.

HUGE thank you for Hog Dog Productions and Lee Carr for allowing us to borrow from their site for FAQ, waiver and other great pool info. If you are ever in MD, check them out!