Group Classes & Seminars

Group classes & seminars are held at Ferry Hill Farm in our fenced in fields as well as our indoor training room.

Beginner Tricks is the place to start your trick training adventure! Does your dog know how to sit, lie down, and stay? Broaden their education with some fun tricks!  This 6 week class is for dogs who have a few of the basics down but are ready for more.  Trick training is great mental stimulation for your dog--and it's fun!
Duration of class: 6 weeks

Cost: $150
Date & Time: Saturdays at 11:00 am beginning November 28, 2020
Instructor: Sam Mimitz
Prerequisites: Foundations or instructor approval

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Continuing Tricks class is a great way to keep busy and spend fun time with your dog. Using a variety of positive techniques, we'll work together each month to learn new tricks and practice good training skills. The month by month setup means that you can take the class for a month or continue as long as you want!  Tricks taught will vary based on the participants, with a frequently rotating curriculum.
Duration of class: month by month

Cost: $25 per class, paid in full at the start of the month
Date & Time: Wednesdays at 6:45 pm
Instructor: Connor Grenier, CPDT
Prerequisites: Foundations and Beginner Tricks, or instructor approval. Your dog should already know a nose touch, paw, and "paws up on a platform".

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Ever wondered just how good your dog is at using their nose? Find out in our Noseplay class!  This fun 6 week class is a chance for you and your dog to try out scent work.  We'll explore concepts used in both nosework and tracking, with exercises designed to teach your dog how to sniff out what you're asking them to find, and to teach you to work with them as their helper!  Scent work is a great brain teaser, and any dog can do it!
Duration of Class: 6 weeks
Cost: $150
Time/Day: July 15, 2020 at 5:30pm
Prerequisite: Foundations, or instructor approval.


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Classes are held via Zoom

This short, focused class is designed to help your dog master the skill of self-control.  You'll work on a variety of exercises to strengthen their Leave It, Eye Contact, and Stay behaviors.  This class meets on Tuesdays and Fridays for 3 weeks in 30 minute sessions--so you can take a dog break on your lunch break!

Duration of class: 3 weeks
Cost: $75
Date & Time: Check back soon for new sessions!
Instructor: Connor
Prerequisites: None


Did you know that dogs are considered seniors when they are over 7 years old? But just because their bodies might not be as agile as their younger years doesn't mean they don't still need enrichment and activity! Our senior dog class is just what the doctor ordered! It includes:

  • Brain games to combat age-related mental confusion and dementia...and have FUN!
  • Information on supplements that can help with mental acuity and physical comfort
  • Exercises to minimize muscle wasting and weakness
  • How to recognize pain and fatigue
  • Tips on dealing with loss of senses like losing hearing or sight
  • Exercises to learn how to adapt to specialized equipment like Help 'Em Up harnesses and more!
Duration of Class: 6 weeks
Cost: $150
Time/Day: TBA
Prerequisite: Foundations, or instructor approval
Instructor: Elise Gouge, CPDT-KA, CDBC, CCBC



Does your dog struggle with nail trims? You're not alone!  Lots of dogs find getting their nails done a stressful or even frightening experience.  In this two-session workshop, we will help you work with your dog to make nail trims a positive experience.  We'll break everything down into small steps so you and your dog can be successful and turn your grooming nightmares around!

Duration of Class: 2 weeks
Cost: $50
Time/Day: Saturday 9/26 at 10:00-11:00 am and Saturday 10/3 at 10:00-11:00 am
Prerequisite: Your dog must be comfortable working around other dogs and people.  If your dog is reactive or frightened around other dogs, we are happy to help you with a private lesson instead!
Instructor: Sam Mimitz

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Classes are being held in our well-ventilated training room!

The holidays are coming, and this can mean lots of opportunities for your dog to socialize and get presents—but also to jump up on an elderly relative, steal treats, and generally cause mayhem!  This three week class is designed to help you and your dog practice the skills needed to have a smooth holiday season.  You’ll work on polite greetings, impulse control, and management techniques and tips to make it through so you and your dog can have the best holiday season possible!

Duration of class: 3 weeks
Cost: $75
Next session: Thursdays at 6:00 pm beginning December 3rd.
Instructor: Sam

Prerequisites: None

Classes are held outside at PBC, when possible, or in our well-ventilated training room! 

Finished Foundations and ready for the next step? Time for Advanced Foundations! This class builds on the previous one and uses those building blocks to teach more useful skills. We'll continue to practice leash walking, impulse control, and the rest--but also add more advanced work on stay, go to your mat, coming when called, polite greetings, and other important behaviors. Continue your dog's education with 6 more weeks of the core curriculum!

Duration of class: 6 weeks
Cost: $150
Date & Time for October: Saturdays at 1:30 pm beginning October 10th, or Thursdays at 6:45pm beginning October 15th
Date & Time for October: Saturdays at 1:30 pm beginning November 28th, or Thursdays at 6:45pm beginning January 7th
Instructor: Sam
Prerequisites: Foundations

Is your dog a good citizen? Show everyone that they have the manners to be polite and respectful while out and about by earning their Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title! The CGC is a 10 item test designed to evaluate your dog in a variety of real life situations, such as loose leash walking and greeting a friendly stranger.  Any dog can be a CGC, and passing the test grants them a title certificate from the American Kennel Club.  Our CGC class is designed to help you prepare for the test.  This class is appropriate for dogs who already have a good grasp of basic obedience and are ready to put it to use!

Duration of class: 6 weeks
Cost: $150 (includes test fee*)
Start Date & Time: October 28, 2020 5:30pm
Prerequisites: Basic obedience with Connor or an approved trainer

*If your dog is not already registered with the AKC, there will be an additional fee of $19 to submit the Canine Partners form along with their CGC application.

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Curious about the world of water sports with your dog? Join us for an introductory class to have your get to know the pool, the dock, and the beginnings of jumping! Super fun and a perfect addition to hot summer days.

Duration of class: 4 weeks
Cost: $100
Date & Time: Mondays at 4pm

Prerequisites: Foundations I or basic obedience

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Classes are being held outside, when possible, or in our well-ventilated training room!

There's a lot more to having a well-trained dog than teaching them to sit.  This 6 week course focuses on the foundation skills that make up the base of all future training: teaching your dog to pay attention to you, develop impulse control, and calm down when you ask them to.  We all want a dog that can wait politely instead of stealing food off the coffee table, calmly sit instead of knocking your visitors down, and walk nicely on a leash--to get there, work on your foundations!  Foundations teaches you and your dog how to communicate and work together, making learning any other cue so much easier.  (And yes, we'll still teach them to sit!)

Duration of class: 6 weeks
Cost: $150
Next session: Wednesdays at 5:30 pm beginning October 28th.
Coming up soon: Saturdays at 12:15 pm beginning November 28th, or Thursdays at 5:30 pm beginning January 7th.
Instructor: Varies

Prerequisites: None

Classes are held outside, when possible, or in our large, well-ventilated training room!

Rally Obedience is a super fun way to work on obedience after you and your dog have the basics down. Courses are set up with a series of obedience commands listed on signs. Work your way through the course, performing each command when you reach the sign. For over-achievers, you can even be timed to see how fast you and your dog can get through the course! This class will teach you all of the novice signs (commands), how to navigate a course, and all the necessary information if you are interested in competing. Whether just for the relationship, the practice or because you think you want to compete, Rally is a really fun and engaged way to work with your dog!

Duration of class: 6 weeks
Cost: $150
Date & Time: October 21, 2020 at 5:30pm, new class starts soon! Stay tuned!

Prerequisites: Foundations

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Puppy Playgroup is suspended until COVID-19 is no longer an issue.

Does your puppy need some buddies?

Bring them to PBC’s Puppy Playgroup! This weekly hourlong meet-up is not a traditional puppy class, but a place where your puppy can play and hang out with other puppies. The playgroup is supervised by Connor, a certified and experienced dog trainer, so puppies are only practicing safe and appropriate play—no bullying allowed! This is a great chance for them to practice those essential dog-dog social skills while they are still young.

Do you have puppy questions?

Bring them to Puppy Playgroup too! Hang out with other puppy owners and enjoy the opportunity to ask Connor about housetraining, what to do about those sharp little teeth, crate training--all the little questions that pile up.

Want to work on a solid foundation for your puppy?

This is not a puppy class—but that doesn’t mean your puppy won’t be learning! An hour is way too long for puppies to be running around wrestling, so the play will be broken up with short sessions practicing essential skills like being held for nail trims, learning that crucial “off switch” so they can relax, or teaching your puppy to check in with you around distractions (like other puppies!).

Enjoy socialization and enrichment opportunities!

Puppies will be provided with a variety of toys and games to explore and encounter, with age-appropriate obstacles to conquer. Depending on availability, specially selected guests may be present to help expose your puppy to a wide range of people.

Class meets on Wednesdays at 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm. Class includes handling exercises, playtime, and more! Taught by Connor Grenier, certified trainer.  Registration is on a month-to-month basis. Class tuition varies according many sessions are in a month. A typical month with 4 sessions is $80.

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Class enrollment is currently on hiatus until COVID-19 is no longer an issue. Please visit our page for on-line lessons with an instructor!

Instructor: Elise Gouge, CDBC, CCBC, CPDT-KA

Join us for a weekly class working on you and your dog's skills to handle environmental triggers such as dogs and strangers. This class goes by month by month. After a consultation with Elise, you can sign up for as many months as you like. Have a vacation of holiday plans? No problem, skip that month can join us the next. The month by month set-up ensures that you can come as long as you need to get the practice and skills you and your dog need, without breaking the bank or requiring a huge commitment.

Class format includes relaxation and massage work, focus exercises, impulse control, exposure to triggers in a safe, successful manner, and more.

Duration of class: month by month
Cost: $30/per class, paid monthly at the start of the month
Date & Time: Mondays at 6pm; Mondays at 7:15pm
Prerequisites: Consultation with Elise

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Our Reactive Dog seminar is a great option if you:

  • Want to work on your dog's reactive behavior in a condensed, one day format versus a weekly class
  • Want the most economical option for working on reactive behavior.
  • Want to get a jumpstart on your dog's behavior before joining weekly reactive class.
  • Aren't ready to bring a dog but want to learn how to address your dog's reactive behavior.
  • Need a refresher!
  • Just like to take advantage of every opportunity to practice!

Reactive Seminars meet for 3 hours on a Saturday. The time is a combination of working dogs and lecture. We cover management, dog body language, the human side of dealing with reactive behavior, setting goals, making training plans, and more!

You MUST have worked with Elise or have permission to work a dog in the seminar before signing up for one of the limited working spots. Auditing spots are for people that just want to observe without a dog.

Working Spots are $75 (limited to 8), auditing spots are $25.

Upcoming Seminar Schedule:

  • SEPTEMBER 15th, 2018 1pm-4pm
  • JANUARY 26th, 2019 1pm-4pm

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Is your dog stressed, shy or scared in new places, with new people, or all of the above? Join us for a workshop that will help you understand what your dog is saying, how to be helpful, effective training methods for shy dogs, and special techniques targeted for building bravery and confidence.

Bring your dog for a fun, educational Saturday afternoon workshop!

Presenter: Elise Gouge, CABC, CPDT-KA, CBCC
Cost: $50
Location: PBC Training Center in Granby, MA

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