Private Training

On-line lessons are available for you and your dog to receive private, custom instruction with a trainer in real time. What could be more convenient than training from the comfort of your living room?

On-line lessons are perfect for:

  • Basic training including sit, down, stay, come, leave it, up-up/off, and more!
  • Home issues such as barking in crate, jumping on visitors or family members, running out the door, counter-surfing, nipping, mouthing, etc.
  • Problem behaviors involving guarding objects, being aggressive or anxious.

New clients must schedule a consultation first. To read more about that, check out our information about consultations.

For existing clients, schedule your lesson now! We are currently using Zoom and FaceTime for our virtual platforms. We look forward to seeing you online!


Dogs will be dogs, and behavior that is natural to them – think jumping, chewing, digging, and nipping – is usually not acceptable to us! Our Private Training teaches all the basic behaviors you expect from a well-mannered dog, as well as easy to apply problem solving solutions, so that you and our dog can finally live with in harmony.

In our Private Training program you’ll learn useful, practical dog training techniques for common goals, including:

  • Walking calmly on leash without pulling.
  • Coming when called – no shouting required!
  • Greeting visitors politely and not jumping.
  • Curtailing in appropriate barking.

The choice is yours. Tell us what you’d like your dog to learn, and we’ll provide you and your companion with the dog obedience training and coaching you need to bring out the good behavior in the dog you love.

Your consultation – How it works

Private Training Consultations are two-hour lessons conducted here at PBC, or online via Zoom or FaceTime.

You can schedule with Elise Gouge, Head Certified Trainer or you can meet with a Certified Trainer, fully qualified to assist you with your training needs.


  • Elise Gouge, Head Certified Trainer: $295
  • Sam Mimitz, Certified Trainer: $190

At the end of your consultation, your trainer will make recommendations for which program is right for you, your dog, and your goals. We have several options for lesson packages and subscriptions.

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