Pet Professionals

Pet Behavior Consulting offers consulting and training services for animal care professionals. Check out the options to see what will be the most beneficial for your staff!

Doggy Daycare Consulting

With the ever increasing popularity of doggy daycares, it’s vital to have staff properly trained in dog handling, reading dog body language and evaluating whether daycare is appropriate for a given dog. Elise can take your staff through the entire process, increasing skill level and thus increasing safety for everyone (dogs and staff) as well as peace of mind for owners.

Veterinary Practices

Seeing fractious animals is common in veterinary practice. Elise has extensive experience in training technicians and staff the most humane and effective handling techniques for working with these animals. Reading body language, safe and effective restraint and working with the pet owners are some of what’s included consulting with veterinary practices. Lowering the stress with handling difficult cats and dogs is a win for everyone. Consequently, owners are happier, technicians and veterinarians are safer, the pet is much happier. Plus, the pet is able to receive the exam and care necessary to be as healthy as possible.

Guest Speaking

Please contact Elise if you are interested in having her speak at your practice or function. Elise has guest lectured at universities, conferences, with private rescue groups, and veterinary practices on a variety of topics. Some examples of previous topics include:

  • How to proceed with a career in applied animal behavior and training (So You Want to Be a Dog Trainer?)
  • How to apply learning theory, ethology and animal psychology to pets living in the home
  • Working with and rehabilitating feral cats
  • Working with and rehabilitating fearful and abused dogs
  • Successful fostering practices for rescue dogs and cats

Hands-on workshops or seminars can be scheduled for employee continuing education or staff meeting days at Elise’s hourly rate.