About Us

Pet Behavior Consulting, LLC is based out of Granby, MA. Elise Gouge and her staff work with clients throughout western Massachusetts, including Granby, Belchertown, Hadley, Amherst, Palmer, Ludlow, Holyoke, Chicopee, Springfield and also in northern CT.

Elise Gouge, Owner

I am a Professional Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and also a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and Certified Canine Behavior Consultant (CCBC) through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.  The APDT is the leading organization for setting standards for professional dog trainers. It is the only organization that offers standardized testing for trainers.

Through the International Association for Animal Behavior Consultants I am a Certified Dog and Cat Behavior Consultant (CABC). Formerly, I was the Vice President on their Board of Directors. I was licensed as a Dogs & Storks presenter and am a Canine Good Citizen evaluator through the American Kennel Club.

I have volunteered for over ten years with various organizations. In 2016, I joined the Board of Directors for New England Border Collie Rescue. Also, I serve as a consultant for a national pet supplier (PetEdge) and our local shelter, Dakin Humane.

Initially, I began my professional career in social services working with children and their families. Then, in 2004, armed with years of clinical expertise, I began working with pets and their people full time. I studied dog behavior with some of the best trainers in the world and participated in every training seminar I could find.

Formerly, I managed training and behavior programs in shelters and doggy day-cares, trained animals ranging from primates to horses to domestic pets, mentored trainers, presented at national conferences and universities on animal behavior. Check out some of my media appearances on Animal Cops: Houston!

My Bachelors Degree is in Psychology and I have a Masters Degree in Community Health Education. I continually attend seminars around the country and have completed graduate level university coursework in Applied Animal Behavior.

I have extensive experience in the temperament evaluation of animals and how to train others in learning the same skills.  Additionally, I am insured, bonded, and endorsed by local veterinarians and shelters.

Connor Grenier, Certified Trainer

Connor has had a lifelong love of animals (particularly dogs) and has lived with a variety of pets his whole life.  His interest in training really took off when he got his first dog as an adult: a smart, pushy, stubborn pit bull named Red who still reigns as the spoiled princess of the household.  Since then he has studied extensively, including attending numerous animal behavior seminars as well as Chicken Camp. This was (and still is!) a well-known clicker training ‘camp’ where students are challenged to a high level of performance with training ability using chickens. Here he had the opportunity to work under the internationally-known and respected Bob Bailey. As part of our professional team, he provides in-home lessons and consultations for basic training and manners for puppies and adult dogs. He travels to Belchertown, Hadley, Amherst, Granby, Ludlow, Ware, Chicopee, Deerfield, Palmer, Springfield and northern CT.

Connor has trained in both group and private settings. He loves working with pet dogs to help them become enjoyable and reliable companions.  Despite holding a degree in aeronautical engineering, he much prefers to work with animals, and he currently maintains the harmony in a house that includes a border collie, Red the Pit Bull, Daisy the border collie/Staffy x, the new Silken Windhound puppy, Ratchet…and six indoor cats!

He looks forward to meeting you and helping you deepen your relationship with your dog!

Annika Glass, Kennel Manager

Annika has dedicated much of her life to becoming a skilled horsewoman but her dogs have always been her best friends. She often claims that dogs and horses are more lovable than people, but her compassion extends to all animal-kind. Annika has had three dogs in her life, each one radically different from the last, each one teaching her something new about dog training. She finds great meaning in caring for animals and believes that being able to ride horses and have dogs has been a source of support and enrichment throughout her life. Annika’s favorite pastime is hiking, and she knows many local trails around the Pioneer Valley that are dog-friendly.

Annika graduated from Mount Holyoke College with a double major in Economics and Gender Studies. She currently works as a freelance English riding instructor in addition to caring for the dogs at the kennel, and plans to pursue an MPA in the near future.

Bethany Rose Terry, Kennel Manager

Bethany’s passion has always involved animals both big and small. She enjoys hanging out with her cat, Raersch, and 2 dogs, Sydney & Marvel, at home as well as enhancing her skills as a nature photographer. She has had a variety of animals in her home growing up, from hamsters, mice & bunnies to cats and dogs.

Bethany has always known that she wanted to work with animals. She spent a summer working for the Forest Park Zoo cleaning and caring for animals from armadillos to kangaroos. While there her favorite animal to work with were the Ring Tailed Lemurs. In addition to working with wild animals Bethany has gained a lot of experience working with and training cats and dogs at Dakin Humane Society. During her 4 ½ years with Dakin she has been involved in multiple hands-on training programs.

Bethany is always eager to learning new techniques that can be used to positively enhance behavior and mental health. A great example of this is her involvement with the Jackson Galaxy Cat Pawsitive clicker training program. Throughout the program Bethany was able to think outside of the box to get cats excited about learning new techniques such as giving a high 5 or jumping through a hula hoop. Her hard work and dedication won Dakin a $5,000 grant as well as 10,000 bowls of food. However, her favorite training session was with Aimee Sadler and her Dogs Playing for Life program. This program allowed her to become more involved with the dogs that come to the humane society. She has lead playgroups as an enrichment tool for the shelter animals, which has also strengthen her skills in dog behavior.

In addition to being involved with various training programs Bethany has attended several seminars with New England Federation of Humane Societies, as well Kelly Bolland’s Shelter Behavior seminar. She always looks for an opportunity to learn more about dogs and their behaviors and how she can apply what she has learned into her work. Bethany hopes to one day own her own farm and possibly open her own kennel to keep doing what she loves, which is being surrounded by all kinds of animals.

Ferry Hill Farm

Located in the heart of Granby, Ferry Hill Farm consists of over 17 acres of fenced in pastures and wooded areas. The original barn, built in the 1700’s, has served many purposes including housing dairy cattle, cars being renovated, and lots of farm animals. You can see from the woodwork that the barn has been around for hundreds of years and it’s strong bones will keep it around for many more to come.

Now home to PBC and Kaistar Kennels, the barn has been renovated so we can teach group classes, hold consultations and board dogs. With over 4500 square feet of open space, we look forward to hosting puppy classes, family pet obedience and competition obedience, Rally, nosework and more – maybe even barn hunt and dock diving! Of course, Elise has brought back her much-requested reactive classes. Lastly, private and semi-private lessons and ring rental are available with Elise and other trainers on staff.

The lower barn has a small commercial kennel with capacity for ten dogs. The kennel has been designed to feel as homey for dogs as it has been when they stay in the house with Elise. Suites will be built for maximum coziness and safety – spacious, climate-controlled, clean and comfortable. The kennel will include a grooming station, washer/dryer, air conditioning, heating, an air purifying system, television & special lighting. Additionally, every aspect of it has been carefully thought out, including moisture resistant dry-wall, acoustic insulation and other building materials that won’t be visibly obvious but will improve the quality of boarding for every dog who visits. Here is a quick video of the kennel as of December 2017. More upgrades continue to be made!