Winter Dog Walk Special & Winter Tips

Happy Holidays from PBC!

Oh hey! Before getting into the winter specials and whatnot, do me a favor? I’m planning the kennel for the new digs (more on that soon) and I’d love your input. What is the ultimate boarding experience for your dog? Click here to take a quick survey (only 8 questions). Thank you!!


The holidays are wrapping up but the days are still short and cold–who wants to come home from work and walk the dog in dark, cold, icy conditions?! We’ve got the perfect solution for you!

For a limited time, PBC is offering dog walks with Connor for clients who live in Amherst, Hadley, or Belchertown.  Choose 3 or 4 days a week and then relax knowing that your dog is getting a midday outing!  For $40, they will get a 30-40 minute leash walk that also includes practice for their leash walking skills–exercise and training all in one.  Sign up now through our online subscription program and get a 5% discount if you book for the month of January, and a 10% discount if you book both January and February!

CLICK HERE to visit the scheduling link and choose your package! The walking packages are about half way down the page.


Rock salt is BAD for dogs! Choose an alternative like Safe Paw to keep your pup’s feet in good form. If they do end up exposed to rock salt, prepare a simple paw bath by mixing water with a small amount of betadine (enough to turn the paw bath the color of ice tea) and have your dog rinse their paws after coming inside. Dry them well and consider protecting them with a product like MUSHER’S SECRET.

To dress or not to dress? There’s a lot of debate about whether dogs need coats, boots and outdoor gear to keep them warm and protected. In my experience, you need to 1) ask your vet and 2) use common sense. My border collies tear around the ice and can easily rip a nail or pad so they often wear booties on outside

romps. I’ve definitely seen dogs shiver and be quite uncomfortable in winter temps, while others could happily lay in the snow all day. If you’re curious about actual hypothermia or frostbite in dogs, click on the links to learn more. For most dogs that live indoors and are only outside for exercise and walks, there’s not a high degree of concern. But if your dog has the option of spending countless hours outside, remember that they don’t have common sense about when to come inside. Keep ’em safe! P.S. Clean Run is having a clearance sale and Hurta winter coats (awesome!) are a whopping 40% off! Check out the sale HERE! Seriously, they’ve got booties and all sorts of fun stuff on sale right now.

Exercise in the dark? Did you know that dogs have a special membrane called the tapetum lucidum that helps them see at night? So, if you’re up for some playtime outside after sunset, don’t worry about your dog not being able to find the ball or toy you throw. Hey! Cool factoid – that membrane is also why their eyes seem to glow in the dark!

Worried about winter weight? Pets that remain primarily indoors may need LESS food during the winter since their exercise is decreased. If you have pets that spend the bulk of their time outside, they may need MORE food in the winter since their little bodies work to stay warm, thus burning extra calories. And I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t say it – don’t free feed your indoor dogs! Enrichment, enrichment, enrichment is the way to go to keep their minds busy. Feed out of a feeder toy (Kong Wobbler, Treat Maze, big Kong, etc.), train for meals or play hide’n seek to tire your pup out.



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