Reactive Dog Seminar

Hi all! We are running a Reactive Dog seminar soon so come on down!

Where: Exercise Finished Dog Training Center

When: Saturday, February 20, 2016

Time: 1pm-5pm

Cost: $25 for auditors*, $75 for working teams


If you haven’t worked with Elise before or are new to reactive dog work, auditing is required. You can always bring your dog to the next one!

Are you very busy with your life? Are you part of the Midnight Dogwalkers Club (where no one else can see you)? Are you desperate to learn how to rein in your dog’s reactivity but not sure where to get started? We work on what owners need to know in order to succeed and teach dogs what they need to know in order to cool it. Ideal for dogs with arousal issues, hypervigilance, motion sensitivity and general impulse control issues including a history of snapping, lunging, basically just freaking out. Ideal for owners that are committed to their dogs and are looking for some efficient ways to help their dog reach the goals of walking nicely in a neighborhood, seeing other critters and not losing their mind, and more.
The first part of the day will be lecture and discussion about body language, your own experiences and we might toss in some science to help you understand how the reactive canine brain works. Then we’ll move into hands-on work! You will be introduced to several exercises that are key for getting your reactive dog to behave better. Registration will be for auditors and handler/dog teams. All working dogs in seminar must have a crate and be comfortable in it.

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