Fabulous Fall Training Discounts!

November/December Specials!

25% off your next Day Training Package with an Assistant Trainer. Have you done a Day Training Package focusing on puppy basics or foundation obedience? Are you looking for your dog to get a head start on some amazing training? If so, you’ll eligible to take advantage of this great special! It’s the perfect way to get ready for the holiday season. Giving your pup three weeks of intensive training will mean you can relax and enjoy the holidays with a well-behaved canine companion!

For those of you that have worked with me before, I am offering a unicorn special of 25% off Board & Train refreshers. That’s a one week B&T focusing on whatever skills and/or tricks you want to cement. Again, this is a great way to polish skills and impulse control that might be a little rusty at the moment. I only have eight slots open so reserve yours now!

Here’s our standard Contact form so you can get started right away! You can also email me directly at elise@petbehaviorconsulting.com.

PBC Academy Application

This is an initial application to learn a little about you and your dog. After reviewing the initial submissions, we will be in touch to go over additional details.

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Please list your dog's DOB if you know it. If not, list their age at the time you are completing the application (as opposed to when your dog will be here).
You can apply for one or multiple semesters
Please check which, if any, commands your dog can do fluently.
Fluently means that your dog can do them without the presence of treats in an environment with moderate distraction. Examples are coming when called in a dog park, sitting when you ask if someone visits, and walking nicely on leash when asked.
Please be as specific as possible. Tell us if there are commands you want your dog to know or if you have scenarios you are hoping to go better (like loose leash walking through downtown or coming when called on an off-leash Sunday AM hike).
What training has your dog had?
What types of training has your dog had?
Which statements are true for your dog
How many days a week do you want your dog to come?
Which days do you want your dog to come?
Please answer based on the number of days you're planning on sending your dog. For example, if you are doing one day a week, choose just one day. If you want to send your dog two days a week, choose the two days. If we cannot accommodate those days, we will reach out to see if there is flexibility.
If you have preferences on days to come, or flexibility, or just more information on which days you'd like your dog to come, here's the place to write it down!
For your dog's progress and homework between Academy days, what would you like?
Our goal is to have an interactive experience so that your dog is able to reach your goals and apply them at home or in the community. We have many options for how we communicate so please let us know your preference. It helps us be more efficient in how we use our time with your dog and it also helps our overall progress be more substantial. Please choose the options you will actively engage with. All options are available to you but we ask that you please bypass ones that you don't think you'll find useful or beneficial. Again, this means we can use our time and energy as effectively as possible in working with your dog.
Are you planning on attending the drop-in class if it works with your schedule?
I plan to send my dog for:
Academy days are approximately 4-5 hours. The AM is 7:30-9am (drop-off range) and 12:30-1:30pm (midday) and PM is 5-6:30pm (pick-up range). We can keep your dog for a full day if you need us to based on your work schedule, but otherwise you can choose which half of the day you prefer. If you are sending your dog multiple days per week and some are AM and some are PM, select Mix and we will talk to you more in depth about scheduling based on the trainer assigned to your dog.

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