Congrats to Sharon Wachsler!

A huge congratulations to Sharon Wachsler, who started with PBC as an intern and has just joined the staff as an assistant dog trainer. This is great news! She brings a lot to the table with her knowledge of service dog training and, well, just some pretty amazing things about learning that really make the world of training pretty magical. Her budding business is At Your Service Dog Training, LLC. She has an amazing blog which you check out here:

She has been a member of the service dog community since 1998 and have written training articles for the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners. At Your Service will focus on working with service dogs being trained by their owners/handlers, as well as on educating other dog professionals and the public about service dog issues. She’s committed to getting more people started on the right foot with service dog training before they hit problems. (Or even before they get their dog!) Currently, she is pursuing her certification through the esteemed Karen Pryor Academy.

Sharon will be available dog-walking in the Wendell and Shutesbury area. Her dog training is available for all basic skill training – puppies, adult dogs needing a refresher, and so on.

Hopefully, a lot of you will stop by the party on 12/6 and congratulate her in person. If not, a cyber-congrats will do, as well! Here are PBC we are very excited!

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