Summer Safety

Finally it looks like the weather is hinting at warm days. For those of you who travel with your pets, this is the time to remember how important it is to keep your pet cool in the car. Even short errands can be deadly if your pet is trapped in a closed car parked in the sun. Park in the shade, keep the windows down or the motor running with the air conditioner on. Use sun visors and make sure provide ample opportunity for drinking fresh, cool water. Of course, if your windows are down, ensure that your pet is safely contained in a crate or behind a pet barrier. There are products on the market such as cooling blankets and collars. These can be very helpful although they are not cooling enough to make it safe for your pet to be in a hot car. Know the signs of sunstroke. Pale gums, disorientation, and raspy breathing are all signs to get to a vet quickly!

In the interim, know how to cool your pet properly.  You can use cool, wet towels, a hose, or immersing the pet in water.  Cool air from a fan or air conditioner can also help.  Prevention is the best way to keep your pet healthy, so remember to stay cool and have a good summer!

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