Reactive Dog Class is Back!

We are kicking off the spring with the return of the highly demanded Reactive Dog class. Limited to only 6 participants, this class is a great opportunity to fine tune your handling skills and improve your dog’s attention, focus, command training and comfort level with dogs, humans and more. Class is located at Ferry Hill Farm at 63 Ferry Hill Road in Granby, MA.

Class works on a month by month basis. So, you sign up one month at a time. This way the group stays stable but you can take a month off whenever you need to. Also, you know dates ahead of time to plan for holidays and vacations. Affordable, convenient and with minimal commitment – Reactive Class is a great way to reach your goals for your dog.

Prerequisite: Consultation with Elise Gouge, Connor Grenier or other certified behavior consultant (with approval from Elise)

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One thought on “Reactive Dog Class is Back!

  1. Interested in working on my dogs behavior. We have a 7 year old golden retriever, female. She is aggressive with other dogs. While on the lease, she will barn, fur will come up in between shoulders and bear teeth. there have been two instances where she was outside off lease (at the beginning when she was just starting to show little signs of this behavior and she ran to another dog on the lease walking down the street and another time went after the unleashed neighbors dog who was doing nothing to provoke.
    I am interested in gettting a second dog (younger/puppy/different breed/smaller) but worry about what this may do to Chloe; will she be completely aggressive and territorial to this new dog.
    so i am wondering: consultation or classes to work on this? i will say she was at pet inn in dec and the report was that she was able to be out with other dogs and seemed to enjoy it too! this was of course on neutral territory. she was not always like this, she became this way about 4 years ago i would say and we just kept her away from other dogs and never let her off leash in our yard. looking for advice on how to best handle her and what approach is best.

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