How to Earn 12 Hours of Silence

Today is Superbowl Sunday. Whether you’re into it or not, you understand that, for many, this is a day that requires the dog to kind of do his own thing. We all have our Superbowl Sunday events and earning yourself twelve hours of silence from your dog is something we all need to know. And, guess what? It’s easy! Here’s the recipe:

First, you need some ingredients. Here we have a muffin tin, tracheas, greek yogurt, peanut butter, coconut oil, dehydrated carrot flakes and turmeric. We also have thick-sliced swiss cheese but that’s for a different reason…


Mix all of the ingredients except the cheese in a strong blender.


You want the consistency to be a very thick batter…


…barely dropping off a spoon.


Now, prep your tracheas (or Kongs or whatever you’re using) so that ONE END is corked. This is what I’m using the cheese for. I push the trachea into the cheese so that it covers the end of the trachea. Thick cheese works best.


Here’s what they should look like when they are done.


Now, stand them up in a muffin tin, with the cheese-corked side on the bottom. Notice the one in the front row, third from the left? That one wanted to fall over so I propped it up with left over cheese bits.


I forgot to taste test the batter before filling the tubes! This is VERY IMPORTANT step to earning your 12 hours of silence. Allow each of your dogs to sample the batter and indicate their approval. You may need to play around with ingredients before you get the proper reaction of lip-smacking excitement.


Oh, and what about little holes in the tracheas that the batter drips out of? Well, I use little cheese scraps to fill those holes. You can see the patchwork in the picture below.


Using a funnel or your sheer bravery to not spill, fill each tube to the top. I like to toss on a biscuit or two for a little crunch and added appeal.

You’re almost done! Freeze them, bag them, and then dole them out depending on how much silence you’re looking for. healthy, inexpensive and all-natural…you can’t ask for better enrichment! ENJOY!

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