Ever seen a whole bag of Charlie Bears get sucked up?

Do you want to? Because I am going to upload a one minute session of what my life is like these days. Fair warning, my clicking is a little off because it’s damn hard to hold an iPad, click, treat, and watch all of the dogs. But I’m getting better. I have lots of time to practice.

You’re all dying to know what’s happening, yeah? What is this – day 5? Day 6? Well! Let me tell you. There is still an enormous amount of clicking going on around here. If I sit and the dogs crowd around it’s an almost perfect guarantee that I am about to click myself to death. I have learned to eat and click, watch TV and click, cry and click (just kidding on the last one).

Luckily, as I mentioned before, I can predict the behavior so I am taking the time to avoid it from happening all of the time. If I take them outside, for example, no naughty face.

I would say that Kai definitely gets that he is being clicked for growling and teeth baring. Especially the teeth thing. I wish I had some of his rapid fire teeth displays on tape.

So, no change during our ‘sessions’. And I am being super consistent about not saying anything when he does his naughty face just clicking and treating.

The changes I have seen have been during other parts of the day. The first time I noticed was with my intern. Then, today Rowan walked OVER Kai. That’s insane, a perfect storm for naughtiness. But Kai remained soft and pleasant. And several times Rowan (god, I love his continuous oblivion) just walks up to me when I am petting Kai to get into the mix. Again, prime opportunity.

The other thing I am seeing is a high increase in head turns to the left. Where I usually sit and type (as you’ll see in the video) I am on the right and he is on a chair to my left. So he is looking at me, then turns his head to the left to find someone to lock onto and growl at. I didn’t expect the left turn thing to happen but it’s not surprising.

OK, without further ado I will upload the video so you can see this excitement in action!

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