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About Elise

EliseRecent news! Elise has been certified as a Canine Behavior Consultant through the authority on training and behavior exams, the Certification Council of Professional Dog Training!

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  • FOR CATS Looking for help for your feisty feline?
  • FOR DOGS Whether it’s straightforward or addressing more severe aggression issues, we have the solution here for you.
  • FOR SHELTERS Elise can assist your shelter in implementing or modifying behavior programs.
  • FOR ANIMAL CARE PROFESSIONALS With the ever increasing popularity of daycares, it’s vital to have staff properly trained in dog handling.
  • INTERNSHIPS Are you interested in a career working with companion animals?
  • BOARDING Whether it's one night, an extended vacation or board and train, bring your dog to Chez Elise for a great time!


avatarproblem called “resource guarding”
have and would guard it by barking and growling and hiding under a table or behind a chair. We were frightened and didn’t know what to do with him. So we called and spoke to Elise who came out to the house and Thank God she did. She has helped Crooke and us tremendously. He now will just give us back whatever he’s not supposed to have, the remote, underwear etcetera. Or if we see him heading for something that he’s not supposed to have we tell him to “leave it” and he does. She has taught us numerous commands to teach Crooke which he learned in a snap considering he’s a food driven dog. She has corrected Crooke’s behavior and showed us how to set some boundaries with him. We’ve noticed a big change in his behavior thanks to Elise he’s a happier dog. We are also happier and are not afraid when we do have the little one’s around. Thanks so much.


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