Boarding & Daycare

Our daycare is currently full. Please contact us to be put on our waiting list. All waitlisted dogs must have a pre-existing training relationship with us.

We offer daycare on an extremely small scale, both to our current customers and new customers with young dogs or puppies.

Here are the details:

  • $35/day
  • Drop-off by appointment in the range of 7:45am-10am
  • Pick-up by appointment in the of 4:30pm-7:30pm
  • You can purchase individual days or get a subscription at a 10% discount
  • Daycare is offered during weekdays only
  • Dogs must be friendly, non-barkers, comfortable being kenneled/crated and have a decent recall or at least follow a pack
  • There is livestock on the property so this is not a good match for dogs with intense prey drive

The property is 18 acres, it's all fenced in with 4 foot farm fence (post and welded wire). I'm in a residential neighborhood with neighbors nearby and I'm pretty close to the road. There are sheep on the farm and the neighbors have horses, sheep and goats. I have a small kennel, capacity of 10 dogs, built into my lower barn. You can join the boarding page on Facebook to see the kennel and get a feel for how things are. I don't do tours since it's a simple one room kennel and it's quite disruptive to the dogs when I take people inside. The kennel is climate controlled (heat + AC), has an alarm and temperature monitoring system, is under camera surveillance, and is stocked with the best of the best for keeping dogs happy and relaxed. It's simple, safe and totally designed with canine comfort as the ultimate goal.

We also have day training options for dogs that need some training in addition to romping with other dogs.

Dogs need to be current on DHLPP, bordetella and have had a recent clean fecal.


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Double-up the fun with the ultimate in dog boarding services. Whether you’re away or on a staycation, gift your pet with a fun training camp – and when you return, you’ll be pleased to see how well mannered your dog has become.

Your dog’s training plan will be completely customized to your needs. We can tackle anything from basic to advanced obedience or work on resolving car chasing, barking at the door, and more! Just tell us what you’d like, and get ready to see your dog become the companion you’ve always wanted.

First, here are some quick facts about our Board and Train option:

  • Your dog enjoys up to 4 hours of interactive exercise each and every day, including hiking, playing fetch, swimming and more.
  • Every interaction your dog has with the training team positively supports its continued learning and skill building.
  • Your board and train package includes an owner transition lesson, where we show you everything you need to know to keep things going smoothly at home. You’ll also receive a step-by-step manual that includes command names and descriptions.

It’s everything you need to maximize your dog’s boarding time with full peace of mind! Our Board and Train packages start at $2,500 for a two week intensive program.

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Just want a few lessons or staying less than two weeks? Let us know. You can opt for regular dog boarding plus just a few obedience or dog training lessons as needed.

Booking a mini-vacation and need dog boarding for a short time? Going away for a longer period and want your dog to board with us for an extended time? Reward your dog with his own vacation at Ferry Hill Farm! Here are some of the amenities your pet will enjoy:

  • For starters, the property is 18 private, wooded acres for romping and playing.  Dogs can always enjoy off-leash playtime and hikes, regardless of the weather. Your pet needs to expend his energy!
  • Additionally, for on-leash-only canine companions, the Farm offers several large, fenced-in yards for playtime sessions.
  • The Farm is a puppy-proofed home designed for safety and FUN.
  • Dogs are never left alone for more than 6 hours, so they’ll always feel surrounded and accompanied.  Also, if your dog is a puppy or senior pet, we’ll always give him the extra tending he needs.
  • Additionally, your dog will enjoy daily seasonal treats tucked inside fun and challenging Kong toys. Summertime treats include frozen yogurt and berries. Then, October brings pumpkin and peanut butter. And in November, your dog enjoys turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy. Yum!
  • Special guests enjoy cozy crates or pens with thick blankets or cooling mats, dog-appeasing pheromone scents and gentle Through a Dog’s Ear CD music. Possibly the best night’s sleep ever!
  • Your dog is boarding with an experienced dog behavior consultant & trainer with a background in routine and emergency veterinary technician skills, and assistant trainers are also certified in pet first aid and CPR.
  • Facility is located just 25 minutes from a local emergency hospital for your full peace of mind.
  • Ferry Hill Farm is fully endorsed by licensed veterinarians and is also fully bonded and insured.
  • Crates, food bowls and toys are always provided for your dog so it’s easy and convenient! Thus, all you need to bring is your pet’s preferred food.

We also always offer homemade, healthy and tasty enrichment treats, pheromone scents to help reduce anxiety, and music scientifically proven as enjoyable for dogs…all at no extra charge It’s all in the peaceful setting of the home of an experienced behavior expert and in the constant, pleasant company of happy, social dogs.

So, what more could you want for your pet? Your canine companion will enjoy every luxury of the modern dog world for just $65 per night.

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PLEASE NOTE WE ONLY BOARD CLIENT DOGS so PLEASE do not submit a reservation if you are NOT a current client!

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Full Price List for Boarding Services

Note: We are currently ONLY accepting reservations for current PBC clients. At this time we are not accepting new clients who we don’t have a pre-existing training relationship with. Thank you for understanding!

Regular Boarding


Boarding is charged by night, regardless of check-in and check-out times. All reservations must be PAID IN FULL to be confirmed. Boarding is fully refundable up until 72 hours prior to start, at which point it is forfeited.

Boarding with Mini-Manners


1:1 Boarding


Pet Taxi



  • Regular bath: $30-$70 depending on dog
  • Nail trim: $20


Note: We are currently ONLY accepting reservations for current PBC clients. At this time we are not accepting new clients who we don’t have a pre-existing training relationship with. Thank you for understanding!

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