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Forever Home Dog Consultation Services

Choosing to give an older dog a ‘forever home’ is kind-hearted, and we thank you as much as the dog does.

But bringing an adult dog into a new home does create some difficulties or challenges. Whether the dog transitioned from a shelter, a breeder, or a friend, it has different needs and requires specific care to feel relaxed, comfortable and… well, at home, forever.

The Forever Home Dog Consultation provides you with the information you need to help transition your new pet from its previous living environment to your home.

Your dog can be any age and benefit from a Forever Home dog consultation, but it should have been in your home for less than a month. (Let us know if it’s been a little longer, and we’ll talk to you about how we can help.)

Completely customized to address specific issues you and your canine companion are facing, the consultation helps you to learn about and get to know one another in a healthy, positive manner.

The Forever Home dog consultation is personalized and lasts two full hours. Consultations with Elise, master trainer, are just $208, or you can opt to have your consultation with one of Elise’s assistant trainers for only $150.  You and your new companion will be set to begin a new life together.

We’re committed to helping you live a happy, healthy, harmonious life with your pet. That’s why we accept all forms of payment and offer interest-free payment plans – we believe financial constraints should never get in the way of your decision to resolve behavior issues and help your dog.



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