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Early Puppy Training

Puppies are adorably cute – and they’re also very quick learners!

That’s why the Right Start Consultation for early puppy training is a MUST for any new puppy owner. Making sure your puppy has everything he needs to grow in a well-balanced environment that nurtures good behavior is just plain smart.

And early puppy training is worth it, because you’ll set the foundation for your puppy to become a wonderful dog companion.

Your Right Start Consultation is designed for puppies that are between 7 to 16 weeks old. It teaches you what you need to know so you avoid common puppy problems before they begin.

The consultation takes place in your home and lasts up to two hours (so we see your puppy in action!)

  • You’ll learn about proper house-training techniques (and dispel a few common myths!) to make sure the first few weeks go well.
  • You’ll learn about digging and chewing behaviors, a must-have knowledge for when your puppy begins developing his adult teeth. (And to save your shoes!)
  • You’ll learn about leashes and how to use them from day one for enjoyable walks, collar sizes and types, and proper crate-training techniques for your puppy.

The Right Start Consultation is only $215 for a private two-hour consultation with Elise at the PBC facility in Granby, MA. You can also choose to meet with Connor, certified trainer, for $162, in your home.

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