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Dog Obedience Training and Coaching

Carrying out the basics of dog training and obedience isn’t always easy. You may have sit and stay working just fine for you and your dog, but some dog obedience basics – like walking nicely on a leash without pulling you down the block – may be just out of reach.

It seems simple… but getting your dog to behave well isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be a real challenge!

That’s where our dog obedience training and coaching comes in. You’ll learn useful, practical dog training techniques for common situations, including:

  • How to train your dog to walk calmly at your side without tugging your arm once
  • How to curb that frustrating habit your dog has of jumping on visitors when they come to your home
  • How to restore peace and quiet to your home by halting barking behavior

You’ll even be able to enjoy calling your dog… and actually have him come straight to you right away. (No useless shouting required!)

The choice is yours. Tell us what you’d like your dog to learn, and we’ll provide you and your companion with the dog obedience training and coaching you need to bring out the good behavior in the dog you love.

Dog obedience coaching is carried out in the comfort of your home, and each session lasts 45 to 60 minutes each. You’ll be surprised how quickly your dog catches on!  These private, in-house sessions with master trainer Elise Gouge are only $104. (If you prefer, you can have your session with one of Elise’s assistant trainers instead, starting at just $79.)

Your follow-up is important. Solid dog obedience training that leaves you proud of your well-mannered pet often takes a few lessons, and that’s why we offer a package discount for clients who book several dog obedience lessons at once.

You’ll be pleased (maybe even relieved!) at all the new obedience skills your dog can learn.

We’re committed to helping you live a happy, healthy, harmonious life with your pet!

Group and Semi-Private Dog Training

If you prefer to train your dog in an environment where he learns to improve his attention, ignore distractions and receives socialization training, our group training or semi-private training classes might be the perfect option.

Depending on the location of the class, group and semi-private training is just $100 to $225 and can really help your dog learn to listen to you – even when tempting distractions are all around.

For information on group or semi-private training, or to know the upcoming class schedule, click here to contact Elise.

The Ultimate Training Package

For the ultimate in dog training and high levels of training reliability, opt for our day training program. click here to check out our Day Training Program.


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