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Behavior Consultations for Canine Concerns

Sometimes dogs have behaviors that are frustrating or annoying. Maybe you’re at wits end, because the behavior is a problem, and nothing you’ve tried has worked. You may even be a little afraid of your dog, or what it might do.
We understand. And you aren’t alone.

If you have concerns about your dog’s behavior, and you aren’t sure how to handle them (or you’d like them to stop so you don’t have to worry anymore), a Behavior Consultation is the answer you’ve been waiting for.

The Behavior Consultation is perfect for dogs who demonstrate:

  • Aggressive, reactive lunging behavior
  • Fearful or anxiety-filled behavior
  • Barking (including loud or aggressive barking) behavior
  • Territorial or over-protective behavior
  • Growling, nipping, or biting behavior

And more. Some examples of common behavior concerns people have include dogs that:

  • Soil the house inappropriately
  • Are frightened of people or strangers
  • Display compulsive behavior like chasing shadows
  • Barking at strangers, cats, dogs or cars on walks
  • Are afraid to be left alone or separated from you

These are just a few examples of what you and your dog might be struggling with, and there is a solution that can help you restore peace and harmony to your home. (We know that sounds impossible right now, but it’s true.)

Elise Gouge, master dog trainer, will provide you with a private two-hour Behavior Consultation and a comprehensive behavior modification plan that tells you exactly how to curb the bad behavior and begin replacing it with positive, desirable behavior.

Your Consultation: How it Works

The first step is to choose a time for your two-hour, in-home private consultation. You’ll be asked to complete a brief questionnaire that helps us collect the information we need to work with your specific concerns.

During the consultation, you’ll discuss three vital areas of understanding and improving your pet’s behavior with Elise. These are:

  • Behavioral Assessment: Elise explains and helps you understand why your dog is reacting and behaving the way it does. You’ll learn what’s really going on inside its head.
  • Prognosis: You and Elise will talk about your goals and what you’ll need to do to reach those goals.
  • Starter Steps: Elise will go through the Starter Steps with you, the beginning steps that become your foundation to a successful correction program. Think of these as the primer for the wall you’re about to paint: You, your family and your dog will get primed to make lasting progress and resolve the behavior issue.

You’ll also receive a folder with handouts that support any and all recommendations made in the consultation, and they include links to a private clients-only page on the Pet Behavior Consulting website. This clients-only page provides you with access to additional handouts and video links.

And as a bonus, you’ll receive one month of email follow-ups to support your progress and help keep you on track with your goals.

Most importantly, your Behavior Consultation provides you with a custom behavior modification plan that best suits your dog and lifestyle. Although some behavior issues can be resolved in a single meeting, it’s typical to expect a period of ongoing hands-on work to change the behavior, and an optional treatment plan may be recommended.

Our expert trainers are ready to help you begin the treatment-plan process after the consultation, based on recommendations for training and whether you choose to follow the plan. These treatment plans are typically organized in 5-week increments, and you can learn more about treatment plans here. Your dog’s specific treatment plan will be fully explained during your Behavior Consultation, and you can make a decision at that time.

As you can see, we’re devoted to helping you help your dog and get life back to an enjoyable household harmony. Your Behavior Consultation is only $208 (plus mileage depending on your location), and you’ll receive:

  • An expert canine behaviorist consultant visiting you in your home
  • Two hours of in-depth, private discussion to review your case situation
  • A complete behavioral assessment and full explanation
  • A behavioral prognosis so you’re fully informed
  • Starter Steps that set you up right away for success
  • A folder of practical handouts to help you even more
  • Full access to our private clients-only area on our website
  • A full month of email follow-up support
  • A custom behavior modification plan to correct the issue
  • Treatment package recommendations best suited for your dog

If you have any questions about behavior consultations, you can check our frequently-asked questions page. And if you still have question, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you, and we’re happy to answer any questions at all.


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