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Meet the Staff

Meet our professional team here at Pet Behavior Consulting, LLC!

Tiffany Kellogg

Assistant Trainer & Intern

Meet our professional team!

Tiffany has always had a passion for all animals! Dogs, of course, hold a special place in her heart.  Tiffany got her first dog at 4 years old, a Chesapeake Bay retriever mix named Poky. Although she was young at the time, she learned a lot and was involved in his training as the two grew up together. Tiffany quickly realized she couldn’t live without a dog and found Dakota, a Husky mix puppy.  They went through obedience and agility classes together, which gave Tiffany the push to be where she is today.

While attending college at Indiana University, Tiffany volunteered at the local animal shelter. There, she taught basic obedience to available dogs, helping to make them more adoptable.  She is currently works at a local boarding kennel and veterinary hospital in Hadley, MA.  Tiffany hopes to return to school to pursue a graduate degree in animal behavior. As part of our professional team, Tiffany provides in-home lessons for basic manners with puppies and adult dogs. She also offers training walks for dogs – the perfect mix of training and exercise!

Connor Grenier

Assistant Trainer
Meet our professional team!

Connor with his beloved pibble, Red

Connor has had a lifelong love of animals (particularly dogs) and has lived with a variety of pets his whole life.  His interest in training really took off when he got his first dog as an adult: a smart, pushy, stubborn pit bull named Red who still reigns as the spoiled princess of the household.  Since then he has studied extensively, including attending numerous animal behavior seminars as well as Chicken Camp. This was (and still is!) a well-known clicker training ‘camp’ where students are challenged to a high level of performance with training ability using chickens. Here he had the opportunity to work under the internationally-known and respected Bob Bailey. As part of our professional team, he provides in-home lessons and consultations for basic training and manners for puppies and adult dogs. He travels to Belchertown, Hadley, Amherst, Granby, Ludlow, Ware, Chicopee, Deerfield, Palmer, Springfield and northern CT.
Connor has trained in both group and private settings. He loves working with pet dogs to help them become enjoyable and reliable companions.  Despite holding a degree in aeronautical engineering, he much prefers to work with animals, and he currently maintains the harmony in a house that includes a border collie, Red the Pit Bull, the new puppy, Daisy…and six indoor cats!
He looks forward to meeting you and helping you deepen your relationship with your dog!

Emily Wright


Meet our professional team!


Emily discovered at an early age the magic that is having a giant creature sit on your feet and look at you like you’re the only thing in the world that matters. When Emily’s first dog Billie Jean came into her life, the pup needed a family as much as Em needed a dog; they were inseparable from day one. Emily’s interest in training dogs began here. She’d set up rudimentary hurdles with boxes and sticks in the backyard and attempt to do agility training with Billie Jean. Emily would run over the jump… and Billie would run around it. Over the years Emily has continued to work with animals in a variety of settings, from pet sitting and dog walking jobs, to wildlife rehabilitation.

Though she just completed a degree in psychology, Em has realized that working with animals, particularly dogs and horses, interests her more than working with humans. Thus, Emily started working at Dakin Humane Society as an adoption counselor. She is excited to dive into the world of behavior modification and training, and is so grateful for this opportunity to learn (one of her favorite things to do)!